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Shandong Ruida Cutting Tool Co., Ltd.

Win customers in good faith, establish a brand with high-quality products, customer first, attentive service, excellence, professionalism,
concentration and focus, and do a good job in every product!


Rich industry experience

☆  Adopt international standards and unique product design and production team

☆  With high-precision inspection and test equipment, the quality has entered the leading industry advanced level

☆  The saw shape is more precise and sharp, and the cut is free of burrs


Non standard customization

☆  It has professional and complete supporting facilities, excellent technical force, reasonable price and support customization

☆  Product customization production to product delivery

☆  There are a wide range of products, submit your needs, and professionals will provide you with options


No middleman earns price difference

☆  The company strictly controls the costs in production and maximizes the benefits to customers

☆  Manufacturer direct selling, no intermediate price difference

☆  The customized products are delivered directly after completion to reduce the circulation cost of the products


Professional technical support

☆  Pre sales: determine behavior analysis

☆  On sale: professional technicians can find problems and opportunities in time and solve concerns.

☆  After sales: professional after-sales customer service personnel, timely feedback consumer demand and product demand

Strength makes customers · Service makes brands

With high-quality products and perfect after-sales service, cases are all over the country


About Ruida

Shandong Ruida Cutting Tool Co., Ltd. integrates R & D, production and sales, and provides all-round cutting process solutions for cemented carbide saw blades. The company is located in Luxi Plain, the west gate of Shandong Province, the junction of the three administrative regions of East China, North China and central China, and the ancient capital of the canal ~ Liaocheng, Shandong Province. It is 89km away from the provincial capital Jinan and 3km away from the Ji Tan expressway, ...  MORE

Shandong Ruida Cutting Tool Co., Ltd.

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